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Friday & Saturday 8:00am- 11:00am

Sausage Bombs- Crescent filled with sausage & cream cheese (6 for $5.00)

Quiche 8” $12.00 (Serves 4)

Quiche Lorraine- farm fresh eggs, cream, ham and Swiss cheese

Nora’s Favorite Veggie Quiche- Farm fresh eggs, cream, tomatoes, spinach and feta 

Breakfast Casserole 9x13 pan $20.00 (serves 8)
Sold ready to eat or sealed with a pan and cooking instructions to bake fresh the next morning.

Farmers' Market Overnight- Farm fresh eggs, turkey Sausage, hash browns, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions & peppers (Gluten Free)

Ham, Egg, & Cheese Overnight Casserole- Farm fresh eggs, bread, ham, cheddar cheese, & chopped peppers

Croissant French Casserole- Croissants, eggs, cream, strawberries, blueberries, pure maple syrup, & a dash of dark rum

Hashbrown Casserole- Potatoes, cheddar cheese, and yummy sauce

$15.00 (serves 8-10)

Fresh Fruit Bowls- Strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, & blueberry 

$20.00/ 3 lbs or $35/ 5 lbs

Start your day with

Farmhouse Fresh Breakfast

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